We have been installing various panels for years and did not like the job because it always took longer then I thought it should. In order to make it look good the labor time was killing us. I just manufactured some overlays CNCed out of clear acrylic just so I could reduce the install time. The idea was to install the pre-cut panel, then mark all of the custom cut-outs so the panel could be quickly match drilled to fit. The panel would then be removed, painted to the color of your choice and installed. It appears to work. I have my own 79 Tiger we are restoring that needed an overlay; I assigned one of our mechanic helpers here that had never installed an overlay to do the job with some supervision. He finished the overlay in 12 hours which included removing the parking brake and heater cables, all panel switches, circuit breakers, master switch starter button, ignition switch and installing new overlay placards. Probably cut the labor time in half if not more. There wasn’t to much additional trimming, this airplane had a C-II AP and audio panel to install. The first fit was excellent. I thought about beveling the edges of the instrument cut-outs and install LED under the panel so there would be a back-lighting effect. Might do that on a future install. I can make these cheaper then the originals, the drawback is I cannot PMA them with the data we currently have. The paint we used was semi-gloss and reflects more then I want, will use a flatter satin next time. This photo shows streaks that the camera picked up that cannot be seen when looking at the panel. It's like the camera was picking up a light spectrum not seen with eyes.