Removing a rusted and sized nose strut from a Cheetah. A long extension is used as a lever to break the strut loose from the torque tube yoke. Once the strut has moved, a 2” ratchet strap is attached to the nose strut and to a truck or tug in front of the airplane. Another ratchet strap is attached to the torque tube yoke and is extended past the tail tie down and is attached to a hanger support or anything that will not move. (only visible around the yoke in the photo) Steady pulling pressure is applied while the strut is flexed up and down. Penetrating oil should be added by flooding the inside of the yoke with straw above the level of where the strut ends. Install the strut with a quality polyurethane primer and a silver or copper antisize. (my advice) The maintenance manual requires the strut to be removed every year, some are found to have never been removed like the one above. It is important that the drain holes in the bottom of the lower cowling boot and the strut spindle is open otherwise the boot could fill with water flooding the yoke joint and filling the nose strut with water.