Full set of rare matching 1600s Edo period antique samurai armor, non restored Hosokawa Clan, Etchu style Gusoku. 1600-1650 certified by one of the leading experts in the field of samurai armor. This is a real fighting armor not a show or parade armor. This armor is very well preserved for its age and is an authentic relic of the samurai era with some minor flaws. Armor Details......Etchu style zunari helmet (kabuto). The chest armor ( dou) is constructed in Iyozane or true large scale armor (around 100 iron scales). This is a maru dou which means it has no hinge and is constructed in one piece. The sangu or extremity armor consists of....arm guards(kote), thigh guards (haidate), and shin armor (suneate) all in the Etchu style with so-gusari chainmail connecting small shino iron plates with the shin guards having no fabric in the correct manner. The face guard ( hanbo) is in the low cut Etchu style and has the correct black lacquer and not the red lacquer of later armors. Original period crest (maedate