#AR401 Extremely Rare 18th Century 'Jinbaori' Made Of Chain Mail DESCRIPTION This extra ordinary and unique chain mail 'jinbaori' carries the heraldry of the Maeda clan, on the back in three places in lacquered iron, as well as the back of the 'ko' (hands) in lacquer and carved in fine detail on all of the 'shakudo' buttons in eight places. Lined with blue dyed doe skin which obviously wears much harder than silk, with smoked doe skin over the collar and lappelles. The weave of the chain mail is one known as 'ya-e gusari'. This is the most complicated and fine chain mail in Japanese armour. each tiny ring is linked by eight others closing all gaps and giving the mail a feel of salmon skin. Furthermore, a matching pair of 'kote' (sleeves) with detachable 'ko' (hands), 'tsuneate' (shin guards), and 'kogake' (feet protection) accompany this incredible piece. To date no other jinbaori made of chain mail is known in any private or public collection anywhere in the World.